Phemmylyn Cleaning services (PCS) is a premium home-based and commercial cleaning service which specializes at providing a quality and professional service to its clients.

PCS is to be established in 2017 and is located in the South-western region of Nigeria, precisely in Ekiti sate and may expand to other states as the need arises. This company happens to be the first of its kind in this part of the country, which gives it an edge over other similar companies in the industry and are around this state as most cleaning services found around this state provides only one-tenth of the services PCS provides.
The services offered in PCS ranges from laundry, fumigation, gardening, mowing etc., at a very fair price. The manager of PCS being an experienced hotel manager and has efficient experience in this field has observed the need for these services amongst the homes, firms, institutions and event centers and has established PCS to be able to provide a quality and professional service in this region, thereby setting the pace of the cleaning industry in Ekiti state. They are set to provide a high level of serene and conducive environment for its client to live, work and organize programs as the case may be. We at PCS will ensure that in offering these services, our customers get optimum satisfaction and provision be made for feedback from customers to enable us maintain our services to them and serve them better. Our targeted clients will be willing to pay a premium due to our high level professionalism and trustworthiness.